Start with adding one or two things into your daily life that only takes a few minutes each day. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Do things that make you feel good because you deserve to feel good! From personal experience and Yoga practice I love learning new ways of taking care of the body, mind and soul. And I wanted to share some with you.

Yogi Hair


1) Wash hair every 72 hours. Scalp secretions left unwashed irritate the nervous system

2) Brush hair daily. Brushing the hair when its dry helps to reduce breakage. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and gives you energy.

3) Let your hair naturally dry as much as you can. Let your hair soak up Vitamin D from the sun and add in some almond oil for extra shine and health.

Cold Water Therapy


Massage the body with almond oil (for warming) or coconut oil (for cooling) and get into the cold shower. Continue to massage the body. Cold Showers are good for the immune system, increases circulation, cleanses the anger and wakes you up!

Yoga science says the cold water causes the capillaries to open. When they close the blood flows to the organs and increases blood supply causing the circulatory and glandular system to function more effectively.

Wake Up Gracefully


Instantly think of something positive. Gently moving the body and getting up slowly in the morning is better for you so you don’t shock the nervous system. Walk in your house barefoot so that your body can discharge any excess energy from the night and let yourself naturally re-connect to earth. Brush your teeth, cleanse the body and drink a glass of water.

Move So Sweetly.


3 Pm Yoga Happy Hour


1) Brush your hair or if you have long hair put your hair up in a high bun. It gives you energy.

2) If you are tired or have a headache splash cold water on the face to help release tension in the eyebrows.

3) If you are sweating splash cold water on your underarms as it is better for your lymphatic system rather than using a cloth.

4) Spend a few minutes breathing and/or go outside for a walk to get some fresh air.

Go to Bed Peacefully


Make sure you had enough movement in the day or do a few exercises before bed to prepare the physical body for rest. Brush your teeth, cleanse the body and drink a glass of water to keep the body hydrated in the night.

Lie on the stomach and turn your head to the left so that your right cheek is on the pillow or bed. This automatically puts the body into the parasympathetic system.

Breathe So Sweetly.


Feel Good Drinks


Keep the immune system strong and the body hydrated. Some of my personal favourite drinks are Yogi tea, fresh ginger tea, lemon water, golden milk and mix lemon, lime, honey & ginger water together as a little pick me up.

Positive Mantras

Re-directing the mind is a very powerful tool to bring into your daily life. Some English mantras that I like to use daily are:

“Show me how good it can get”

“I can”

“Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I”


“I am Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful”

Always remember to celebrate the small victories in your life!

Feel Good Movement


Sweat & Laugh

Play happy music

Dance or shake the body

Take a childspose

Practice some cat/cow 1-3 min

Lie on your back with legs up the wall for 1-3 min

Lie on the back and do alternate leg lifts, up 90 degrees and back down 26 times.

Feel Good Stillness


Spend 1-3 minutes Breathing. Check in with your breath and ask yourself How am I feeling?

Spend at least 3 min in Meditation Daily. Close the eyes, place your hand on your heart or on your lap. Palms face down for grounding energy, palms face up for receiving energy.

Always remember to take “You” time. You deserve it. Always remember to keep doing you! Care for you and love you!

Sat Nam.