re-awaken yoga

It truly starts with the breath. From there you can open up your mind, open up your spine and open up your life! We all have the ability from within to re-awaken our body, mind and soul.
Yoga raises your internal vibrations, while balancing out the body as a whole. Movement, meditation and breathing techniques are a way to help deal and heal from the inside-out as you move through life. There are accessible tools that you can take anywhere, to help you with the good and the bad in day-to-day life. Yoga helps us move through life more gracefully; more fulfilled. When you breathe and move in ways you don’t habitually do, you start to find your wings. You find your own space for transformation. If you are disconnected, Yoga can help you reconnect and keep you connected. In Yoga, we are heavy breathers. We work with angles in the body. We move our arms in weird positions, chanting silently or out loud. We move powerfully and vigorously, finding stillness and awareness, sitting in easy pose or having a good ol’ dance party. It’s a way to change your entire frequency, your tune, your being. The benefits are extensive and effective to help cleanse your overall wholesome self. It’s something you just have to experience for yourself. Let “doing something” re-awaken your energetic soul as you continue to move through life.

“To me, yoga is like art.

You’re creating a picture for your life. It’s a way for the body, mind and soul to be expressive. Too connect to the “big picture”. You start to move effortlessly like a paint brush swishing back and forth over the paper. You find your rhythm on the mat with breath and movement. You start to tune in to the body, mind and soul by listening, breathing, feeling and creating. You might move slowly or quickly. You might pause. You are adjusting different areas in the body and the mind. You are literally opening all your energy centres in the body like all the colours of paint on a canvas. You can escape the world for that moment of time, yet when you come back to “the world” yoga helps you to see with more clarity, vitality and openness. And when you walk off the mat, it’s like the last stroke of the paint brush on the painting …Because you just created an internal masterpiece.”

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