Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation

  This is a beautiful mantra that can be practiced on its own or in Meditation. It is a healing meditation to bring more health, radiance and strength back into your life for yourself or someone you know. It helps to create more positivity and calmness....

Laya Yoga Meditation

This is a powerful meditation to Awaken awareness in the body and mind. It brings positivity into your life and gives you an experience between yourself and the creator. Feel the mantra vibrate through you and around you! The mantra, Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Siri Wake...

Kriya for Elevation

Increases circulation, and flow of energy in the body. This class works on the lower and upper spine while balances the energy in the lower and upper body.

Kriya for Re-Awakening

Awaken the body and the mind in this class as it increases the energy and clears the energy around you. It brings more clarity and balance into the body to help you feel more aligned and energized for the day!

Kriya for the Kidneys

This class feels good! It opens up the body, strengthens and detoxifies the body if you’re feeling any adrenal fatigue or low energy.

Kriya for Balance

Balances the upper and lower energies by focusing on the navel centre, opens up the heart centre, healing and toning, good for digestion and gentle strengthening.

Kriya For Releasing Tension

Increase the flow of breath and allow the body to move gracefully to help release stress and tension from daily emotions. This gentle class gets you connected to the self, opening the back of the body and creating deep relaxation.

Sa Ta Na Ma 3 min Meditation

This is a 3 min version of the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for New Beginnings. It rearranges the subconscious mind, helps break habits and addictions, balances emotions and is a way to tune in to the self. Try it daily for 40 days.

Breath of Ten Meditation

This Meditation changes your magnetic field and walks up the immune system! It can give you a disease-free body, a clear meditative mind and help to develop your intuition. Click here to download your worksheet for Breath of Ten Meditation

Tune up the Nerves

This Kriya releases toxins from your muscles, increases metabolism and is a good way to get the body to sweat. It’s a great way to let go of any negative emotions or thoughts, tuning up the nerves and unlocking the...

Long Deep Breathing

Practice long deep breathing to calm and relax the nervous system. This breathing set can be practiced at any time of the day to help balance the emotions and improve clarity in the...

Lesson A

https://re-awakenyoga.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Kirtan-Kriya-Meditation.mp4 text...

Kriya for Waking Up

If there is something to do first thing in the morning, its setting the navel centre. Setting the navel centre is a great way to activate and balance the energy centres in the body. This short kriya is a quick tune up to help to Re-awaken the body and the mind.

Basic Breathing Set

This breathing set shifts the energy, increases clarity in the mind and balances the body. The Left Nostril is associated with calming and cleansing energy. The Right Nostril is associated with warming, energizing and alertness. Breath of Fire focuses on the navel...