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Re-Awaken Yoga with Samantha Yachimec

Yoga is for everyone-it can be whatever you want it to be. Movement, meditation and breathing techniques are a way to help heal and deal from the inside-out as you move through life. You can get accessible tools to take with you anywhere, that can help you handle the good and the bad in day-to-day life. There’s always something to do, to make a change for YOU. Yoga is a way to help change your entire frequency, your tune, your being. The benefits are extensive and effective to help cleanse your overall wholesome self. It’s something to experience for yourself. Let “doing something” Re-Awaken your energetic soul. Wherever you are in your life just as you are, I personally welcome you. I hope you can take something from here and practice it in your daily life to help guide you to your highest potential.

Sat Nam.


When you breathe and move in ways you don't habitually do, you start to find your wings. You find your own space for transformation



I have created a space for you to experience simple, safe and effective practices with me from the comfort of your own home. Join me for pre-recorded classes and series involving movement, meditations and breathing techniques. Whatever feeds your soul. Listen to your body and let the breath guide you.

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