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“To me, yoga is like art. You’re creating a picture… for your life. It’s a way for the body, mind and soul to be expressive. To connect to the “big picture”. You start to move, effortlessly like a paint brush swishing back and forth over the paper but instead you’re on your mat finding rhythm in breath and movement. You are tuning in to the body, mind and soul, listening, breathing, feeling and creating. You might move slowly, or quickly, you might pause, you might move into different areas of the body or the mind. You are literally opening up all your energy centers in the body like all the colors on a canvas. You can fully escape the world for that moment of time, yet when you come back to the world, yoga helps you to see with more clarity, vitality and openness. And when you walk off the mat, it’s like the last stroke of paint on the painting …Because you just created an internal masterpiece.”