Meet Samantha

Everyone has their own reason for what brings them onto the Yoga mat. For me, it was in 2008 after suffering a lot of back pain due to Scoliosis. I am an Equestrian and growing up I missed a lot of school and horseback riding from the pain. At the time, I had tried different kinds of treatments and therapy, yet nothing was working for me.  I needed to find something more so I could keep doing the things I loved. Eventually, I found my way to my first yoga class. Little did I know at the time, Yoga would be a way for me to help heal and deal from the physical pain but so much more! 14 years later here I am still “Yogiing” around.


Throughout life so far, I have been able to keep up by relying on my yoga practice time after time. I take my practice with me everywhere. An airport, a hotel, a bathroom. I think the most interesting place so far has been in the back of a horse trailer, in a pile of shavings and horse shit. What can I say? I am committed to myself. If I didn’t practice in that horse shit, I would have felt like shit, and carried that shit with me everywhere!

yoga has led me in more places than i could have ever imagined

Yoga practice continues to educate me physically, mentally and emotionally in my daily life. I have had the pleasure to practice and learn from many wonderful Yoga teachers around the world. I received my first 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher certificate in 2009, where I began to teach for a little while but ultimately chose to continue with my own personal practice, until now. I love the variety of yoga that is available to us today. I find different practices and styles come to you as you need it. Since then, I have attended other trainings and retreats receiving a 40 hr Yin Yoga certificate in 2015, a 200 hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher certificate and an additional Kundalini Yoga-Teaching Fundamentals certificate in 2021. 


When I am not “Yogiing” around the house, I enjoy riding horses in my spare time and taking my dog for walks in the forest. I enjoy peaceful mornings sitting on the patio while drinking cappuccinos, watching sunsets and having dance parties in the kitchen. I love to travel and have been fortunate to have travelled and lived abroad in Europe for a few years. Happily returning to Canada for now, as I continue enjoying the little things in life.

Sat Nam.